Trial opens for man accused of running over and stabbing ex


A man has been accused of stabbing and running over his ex-girlfriend in her office’s parking lot. The incident took place on Aug. 3, 2018.

Lawrence Crawley, 34, has been charged with first and third-degree murder in the death of Angela Stith, 33. He is also being charged with making false statements when trying to purchase a firearm, according to reports that Assitant DA Allison Ruth said in opening statements that Crawley had stalked Stith for weeks prior to the murder. It was reported that Stith called Philly PD for help.

Stith broke up with him via text message; Ruth reports that is what triggered the incident. Ruth told the court that Crawley intended to kill the victim, stating that  “however he could … because if he couldn’t have her, no one could.”

Defense attorney Carrie Allman rejected this remark, firing back, saying that their relationship drove him to the brink and that his actions were out of control.

Allman told the court that, “This is not first-degree murder.”

She added that, “This is rage, this is someone who’s been set off, whose actions are completely out of control.”

A few hours prior to Stith’s murder, it was reported that Crawley attempted to purchase a gun at Delia’s Gun Shop in Wissinoming. He told the clerk he was legally able to buy it, but it was later revealed through a background check, he had lied. He has a permanent restraining order against him that was filed by a woman in Florida. reported that he arrived at Stith’s office with two knives and a hammer. She worked for Vector Security as a dispatcher.

The victim took a break at 2:13 AM and that’s when Crawley attacked. It was reported that Montgomery County prosecutors said that Crawley smashed a window of the victim’s car in the Whitemarsh Township parking lot.

Stith allegedly fled from the car, and she was stabbed repeatedly. After the stabbings, it was reported that Crawley ran the woman over with an SUV multiple times. Her co-workers tried to help the victim.

A few hours later, in Somerset County, Crawley was arrested by state troopers. Officials allege that Crawly tried to kill himself by lighting himself on fire with gasoline. After his arrest, he spent quite a bit of time in the ICU.

He has burns on over 30-percent of his body.

Court documents show that Crawley told officials that he didn’t remember stabbing or running over the victim.

This was not the first incident involving the ex-couple. It was reported that in Apr. 2018, Crawley beat her and choked her inside a hotel room. The room was located in Montour County. He pleaded guilty to assault in that case, which took place two weeks before the murder.

The trial is expected to last through Friday. It will be overseen by County Judge Thomas C. Branca.


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