Trio arrested in botched robbery of South Philly cabbie


Two men and one woman have been charged with causing a cab driver to crash his car while they were attempting to rob him at gunpoint.

Syheed Wilson, 19, Michael Jones, 19, and Kierston Carroll, 19, were charged with participating in the attempted robbery after police identified them using surveillance video from the Tasker/Morris SEPTA station, police said on Monday.

The attempted robbery occurred on Feb. 6 around 3:15 a.m.

The trio hailed a cab near the SEPTA station and asked for a ride to 28th and Taskerstreets. Once arrived, one male in the front seat pulled out a gun, pointed it at the driver and demanded “Give me all the money you got,” while a male suspect in the rear seat with the female suspect also pointed a gun at the driver.

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Both men then fired, striking the driver once in the shoulder. The driver continued driving with the suspects in the car until he crashed at 24th and Morris streets.

The driver fled the car and sought a police officer, police reports at the time stated. The suspect in the front seat fled the car, while the male and female suspects were trapped in the back of the car kicking, banging and screaming for someone to let them out police said. An unknown person opened the car doors and let those two suspects out, at which point they fled.

Nothing was taken during the incident. The driver was in stable condition after being treated for the gunshot wound, according to authorities.

Wilson and Carroll were arrested on Feb. 23 after police identified them. Jones was arrested on Feb. 27.

All three suspects are charged with aggravated assault and robbery.

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