Trump, Sanders speak to supporters in Long Island, Philadelphia

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Republican frontrunner Donald Trump spoke to an estimated 10,000 people during a Wednesday night rally in Bethpage, Long Island.

The candidate kept to his well-honed talking points — “the wall,” keeping jobs in the United States, “winning again” — but did offer a few nods to his home state crowd, too.

“In Long Island you know it almost better than anybody,” Trump told the crowd. “Our companies are being uprooted, they’re moving to Mexico, they’re moving to other countries…and you know what? We’re going to end the practice.”

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Trump also turned his attention to main Republican rival Sen. Ted Cruz—or “Lyin’ Ted Cruz,” as Trump repeatedly referred to him—pointing to a New York Post article that reported the social conservative couldn’t draw even 100 people to a campaign event in the Bronx this week.

The real estate magnate also pointed to comments Cruz made at an earlier debate, in which he criticized “New York values.”

“[There was] hatred, hatred of New York” in Cruz’s remarks, Trump said. “So folks, I think you can forget about him.”

While Trump has made comments at earlier rallies indicating he would like to see protesters leave on a stretcher—if not outright punching them himself—he seemed to dial back on these remarks, imploring those engaging protesters “not to hurt them.”

“Be gentle, be very very gentle,” Trump said. “I’ve done it all ways—when I’m like this, they say Trump is getting weaker. And when I’m tough, they say, ‘he’s too tough, he can’t win.’”

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Sen. Bernie Sanders also campaigned in Philadelphia Wednesday evening, to a small, invitation-only group of about 200 people, 6 ABC reported.

The Vermont senator also held a rally at Temple’s Liacouras Center in North Philadelphia later that evening, though the event started after press time Wednesday.

The New York State primary is April 19, while Pennsylvania’s is April 26.

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