Trump strikes back: calls Nutter ‘low life’ over ‘a–hole’ comment

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Donald Trump is apparently not accustomed to thebluntness for whichPhiladelphia is famed.

Apparently enraged by the comments of Mayor Michael Nutter Tuesday, who called Trump ‘an a–hole’ during a press conference about a recent anti-Muslim incident, Trump called Nutter”low life” and “crude dope” on Twitter.

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In his inimitable style, Trump tweeted, “@Mayor_Nutter of Philadelphia, who is doing a terrible job, should be ashamed for using such a disgusting word in referring to me.Low life!”

Trump had earlier called Nutter a “crude dope” after hearing of Nutter’s insult from a follower.

No elaboration about why Nutter is doing “a terrible job” has been forthcoming.

Nutter called Trump an “a–hole” after blaming him for promoting anti-Muslim rhetoric on a national scale, which activists believe may have sparked the incident at a Philly mosque this week when a severed pig’s head was left outside.

“Donald Trump is literally trying to radicalize our fellow Americans against our American Muslim and international Muslim brothers and sisters,” Nutter said Tuesday. “He is a dangerous person right now.”

During that same press conference,Nutter also called Trump a “clown,” said he would like to ban Trump from Philly,and accused Trump of “taking a page from the playbook of Hitler”– specifically, blaming a group for a nation’sproblems and proposing getting rid of them.

By comparison, Trump’s insults were relatively timid. As expected, Philadelphia is still winning the war of words at this point.

Below, see video of Nutter’s comments on Trump.

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