Trump victory prompts Philly civil liberties, immigrant advocates to mobilize in opposition

Charles Mostoller

A number of local grassroots groups say they are mobilizing against Donald Trump’s conservative agenda, prompted in part by several reported incidents of racist behavior directed at minorities in the days following his presidential vctory.

On Sunday, President-elect Trump urged supporters who were targeting minorities to “stop it” during an interview with “60 Minutes.”

But his words did little to soothe the anti-Trump protesters or several local community activist groups that believe many of his positions of social issues stand in stark opposition to their mission.

While President-elect Donald Trump has spent the last five days in White House meetings and high-profile interviews,a massive contingent of Philadelphianshave flooded the streets in nightly protestof the billionaire’s win, with more marches planned in the coming weeks.

They fear the future, into which they’ve already glimpsed in just those five days,from swastikas painted on cars and windows, to agroupat the University of Pennsylvania called “N—– Lynching.”

Instances of hate crimes against the LGBT population, women, Muslims, immigrants and Asian-Americans have seemingly surged in recent days, and while its been difficult for law enforcement to verify each claim, the reports are stoking the fire and creating more fear and panic among non-white, non-straight and non-male communities.

Here is a list of local organizations that have traditionally supported communities that have been the targets of hate:


Juntos –The South Philly-based Latino immigrant organization organizes its community for action andprovides educational resources for immigrant families, students and laborers, regardless of immigrant status.

New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia – This grassroots group works to end injustices against immigrants, regardless of citizenship status, and organizes community-led action. Its campaigns have included calling for an end to deportation raids and advocating for driver’s licenses for all.

Congreso– A one-stop-shop organization working in eastern North Philadelphia with services for adults, laborers and students, including housing, teen parenting support, HIV/AIDS counseling and testing and tax services.

Women and Girls

Women Against Abuse– Offering transitional housing, an emergency safe-haven, support services, behavioral health therapy, counseling, legal services and advocacy, WAA has been operating in Philly for 40 years and serves nearly 15,000 people annually.

Women OrganizedAgainst Rape – WOAR is Philly’s only rape crisis center, and operates a free 24-hour hotline, court advocacy, counseling services and crisis counseling.

Maternity Care Coalition– Its mission is to provide child and maternal health, but also works on big policy issues, including advocating for incarcerated mothers, equal pay for women, breastfeeding support programs and maternity leave rights.

Women’s Way – Advocating for young girls and women, Women’s Way’s services include sexual assault survivor counseling, maternal healthcare, girls’ empowerment programs, financial literacy, supportive housing and shelters for survivors of domestic violence.

Racial Justice

American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania – The state’s local chapter of the nearly century’s old organization has represented several communities during its existence, especially that of people of color. Its advocacy includes calling for an end to stop-and-frisk policing methods and fighting to stop discriminatory hiring practices.

Urban League of Philadelphia – Offers assistance and counseling for home-buyers, students, employers and prospective employees and entrepreneurs. The Urban League also worked on Election Day initiatives to boost voter turnout from black communities in 2012.


Equality PA – Advocates for policy change at the municipal, state and federal levels, organizes grassroots actions to encourage supporters to engage in the political process and endorses political candidates who champion equality. Equality Pennsylvania’s work focuses on ending LGBT discrimination, advocating for marriage rights and transgender rights, preventing violence and building safe schools.

Bread & Roses Community Fund – Bread & Roses isn’t limited to the LGBT community; the nonprofit group works toward equality in criminal justice, organizes support groups for women of color and offers college scholarships for gay men.

AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania – A nonprofit, public interest law firm, the AIDS Law Project offers free legal assistance to people living with HIV and AIDS and those affected by it. Its services are bilingual, and advocates will also travel to clients’ homes and hospitals for those too ill to travel to an office. Areas of expertise include HIV/AIDS discrimination, housing, financial/consumer debt and immigration.

Leeway Foundation – Leeway provides grants and support to uplift women and transgender artists working to promote social change through art. Its programs promote artistic expression andhealthy communities and advocates for economic and social justice.

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