Two murder raps for ‘Gucci’

Grieving mothers shared a row in Judge Karen Simmons’ courtroom yesterday as their sons’ accused killer appeared for his preliminary hearing.

Devon Cross’ mother wailed as Glenn “Gucci” Ford’s post-arrest interview was read. He allegedly told investigators a dispute with Cross and a friend led to a $3,500 bounty and two separate attempts on his life. On June 9, someone called saying Cross was near Howard and Huntington streets.

“I thought about it a lot. … It had to be him or me,” he said, admittedly firing five shots and throwing the Glock 40 into the Delaware River. “I had no other choice. I apologize to his mother.”

Then Damon Williams’ mother heard how the 36-year-old died from a close-range shot to the head Jan. 12 on East Pacific Street. Williams’ friend Michael Leadum, who earlier named Ford as the shooter, testified he didn’t remember details yesterday, citing memory loss from gunshots that left him comatose. Williams’ daughter then screamed at the suspect, “He killed my dad! I want my dad!”

Ford will face trial in both murders.

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