Two Robbers Seltzers now come in a variety pack


Let’s face it, it’s a great time to drink—not to numb everything that’s going on, but to unwind and treat yourself a bit. We all deserve any bit of luxury we can get, even in liquid form.

Hard seltzers have come onto the scene hotter than ever, and even with the warm weather still on the horizon many Philadelphians are still cracking open some bubbly cold ones. Two Robbers is a brand that most purchase when it comes to seltzers, and the options have just gotten much, much sweeter.


It was recently announced that Two Robbers will now be offering a variety pack of their enticing hard seltzer options which will include the flagship’s three enticing and unique flavors: Orange Mango, Pineapple Ginger and Watermelon Cucumber.

“The launch of the variety pack is just one of the many exciting initiatives that we have in the pipeline for this year,” said Vikram Nayar, Co-Founder of Two Robbers in the release. “It’s something that our customers kept asking for, and we’re excited to finally roll it out.”

Variety is always better. Sure, you may have a favorite flavor, but what happens when you want something new? Now, no one has to sweat at all when it comes to a choosing dilemma between Two Robbers Hard Seltzer options.


“Groceries and retailers in particular are very excited about it,” added Nayar in the release. “With the hard seltzer category continuing to grow the way it is, retailers are continuing to add shelf space to provide customers with additional ‘better for you’ options.”

The new variety pack will be available in stores across Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Connecticut in many local and major retailers such as Whole Foods, Wegmans, Acme, Giant, Total Wine and Weis.

But there is much more to this brand than just tasty flavors and enticing packs. According to the release, the brand’s commitment to quality has been the driving force behind recent growth. Made with all-natural ingredients, and without any added sugars, sweeteners, concentrates or other complex additives, the hard seltzer offers a light and refreshing taste. The beverage is also low calorie, low carb and is naturally gluten-free.


Two Robbers is the City of Sisterly Love’s first-ever hard seltzer company, and many have followed in the footsteps of their successful design. With a best-in-class hard seltzer product, Two Robbers has seen explosive growth within the region since first hitting shelves just last year. In fact, the release states that Two Robbers is now currently sold at over 600 locations across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Connecticut, and is one of the highest-rated hard seltzers in the industry.

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