Two skip out on taxi fare and get a ride to prison


Two people were arrested in Shippensburg when they tried to skip out on a $37 taxi fare on Friday.

Bobbie Jean Pratt, 29, and Robert B. Featherstone III, 25, took a cab from Chambersburg Hospital to Shippensburg. The two asked the driver to stop; they got out of the taxi and started walking away, according to Shippensburg Police Department.

The driver followed them while calling 911. When police arrived, Pratt and Featherstone told the officers that they were walking to a friend’s house to get money for the fare. The police department said marijuana was found during a search of Pratt’s belongings.

The next ride Pratt and Featherstone took was in a police car.

The duo face charges of theft and drug possession. Bail was set at $5,000 and Pratt and Featherstone were taken to Cumberland County Prison.

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