UberEats debuts today in Philly!

Depending on where you live, food delivery can be hit or miss in Philadelphia. Most people tend to stick to restaurants in their neighborhood, being unsure of how far is too far for a delivery person to go as well as being hesitant to try something new without research.

UberEats aims to change all of this by making food delivery as easy and efficient as getting a ride. It officially launched at 7 a.m. this morning and includes over 100 Philly food partners already — from Starr restaurants like Jones, Buddakhan and El Vez to Philly Pretzel Factory and South St. Philly Bagels.

Ordering food the old-fashioned way, you’re often left wondering where it is — hungrily anticipating the arrival of your meal. With this app, you can track the journey of your late-night Mexican from the moment you place the order to the moment you receive it.

According to Casey Verkamp, UberEats Philly general manager, the average national delivery time takes around 34 minutes. The delivery radius of the service also expands options for customers — so if you’re in the mood to go outside of your local comfort zone, the app shows you everything available to you. It also operates 24-7 so if the midnight munchies sets in, an order can still be placed as long as the restaurant is open.

For a limited time, delivery is free if you want to give UberEats a whirl. With the dog days of summer upon us, staying inside your air-conditioned apartment and ordering in sounds like a winning plan.

To learn more, visit ubereats.com.

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