Union forward says don’t call me Chooch

Carlos Ruiz has the same name as a certain Phillies catcher. He accepts that. But he won’t accept people calling him Chooch.

“Sometimes people try to call me the same nickname that he has, but I don’t like it,” Ruiz said. “I think in my career, in Major League Soccer, everybody knows me from my nickname as ‘Fish.’ I’m not going to accept anybody calling me another nickname.”

Ruiz, a seven-year MLS veteran, has nothing against the other Carlos Ruiz. In fact, he recently met him at the ballpark.

“Yes, like two weeks ago, I went to the stadium and met him and he’s a great guy,” Ruiz said.

Ruiz, a native of Guatemala, is in his first season with the Union. The forward ranks ninth all-time in MLS history with 84 career goals. Prior to joining the Union, Ruiz played for three MLS clubs, including the L.A. Galaxy, FC Dallas and Toronto FC. But he never saw the same fan enthusiasm that he’s witnessed here in Philadelphia.

“It’s unbelievable. I played seven years in this league, and I’ve never seen anything like this,” Ruiz said. “When I played in Los Angeles, where there’s a lot of Latin Communities and I played in Dallas, but I never saw something like I’m seeing here in Philly. This is a great place to play.”

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