UPDATE: Ryan Howard may miss start of 2012 season

Well, the good news is that Ryan Howard underwent successful surgery Wednesday on the torn Achilles tendon in his injured left ankle. The procedure was performed by Dr. Mark Myerson in Baltimore, Md. It was a full tear and he also received a PRP injection, according to the Phillies.

The bad news?

Well, the recovery time is estimated at five to six months. With spring training starting in mid-February and the regular season beginning in early April, there’s a chance Howard could miss the season opener. The first baseman will be completely immobilized for the next week or two, according to GM Ruben Amaro, Jr. However, the team is hoping he’ll be ready for the opener.

“A lot depends on how he recovers,” Amaro said in a statement. “The start of the season could be impacted, but I still hope he makes his first at-bat of the season.”

Howard, of course, incurred the injury last Friday in his final at-bat of the season, after grounding out to end the NLDS. He hobbled down the first-base line before crumpling to the turf.

You knew that already, right? Well, in case you forgot …

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