UPDATED SVU Capt. Darby: Police Arrest Robbery-Rape Suspect

After an interdisciplinary investigation involving the Special Victims Unit and the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force, police arrested a man who robbed a couple at gunpoint Tuesday night, then raped the woman as her boyfriend watched.

,” said Special Victims Unit Capt. John Darby.

An overnight investigation lead the District Attorney to approve charges after police picked up the suspect yesterday evening.

The man, 18, is charged with 19 crimes, including rape, robbery, assault, reckless endangerment and related offenses.

Police are not releasing the suspect’s identity because

Police also continue to look for an accomplice, described as a much younger teen, who participated in the robbery but reportedly begged his friend to stop when the rape began, then fled the scene.

“There were two
parties that were involved here and they put these two folks in fear of their lives.”

Cops cooperate

“But this wasn’t a single, one-time effort. Working with local, state and federal-level investigators
is commonplace.

It happens here at SVU every day.”

“Horrific situation”

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The couple was attacked Tuesday night as they walked home from dinner.

man approached them around 48th Street and Baltimore Avenue

Waiting for them there was the accomplice, who helped to pat the two down and steal items.

The first man, angry and unsatisfied with the robbery proceeds, began to rape the female, at which point the accomplice fled. “Clearly, one man was more aggressive than the other,” Darby said.

gun’s being placed to her head, to his head. [The victims] are pleading
for the individuals to stop, saying, ‘Look, you robbed us and you took
our money, go ahead and go.'”

But instead, the man continued to sexually assault the woman while forcing her boyfriend to watch.

Neither victim suffered serious physical injuries, though both are reportedly attempting to recover from mental trauma.

Police are focusing their efforts on apprehending the accomplice. “Right
now, we’re developing information regarding the second teen,” Darby

“Suffice to say, we are aggressively pursuing getting that
accomplice identified.”

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