Upper Darby man, 18, raped sister, 5, and passed on Chlamydia


An18-year-old man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly raped his 5-year-old sister, after police found he carried the same sexually transmitted from which the girl was suffering, Upper Darby Police said.

Police identified the man only as Luis, to protect the victim, and released his photo.

The girl’s mother took her daughter to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Tuesday after she was exhibiting odd behavior. Healthcare workers tested the girl and found traces of Chlamydia.

Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said the daughter told her mother that her brother “Stuck his pee-pee in her private parts.”

Luis was tested and found to be a carrier of the disease, and was arrested. Chitwood said Luis denies the rape.

“It’s interesting,” Chitwood said. “He’s from Ecuador, the whole family’s from Ecuador, and he wanted to know if he could be shipped to Ecuador and tried in Ecuador and if he was found guilty could he serve prison in Ecuador.”

Chitwood added: “My statement to the detectives was, if Ecuador’s gonna come and fly him out I’ll get rid of him,” he said. “But that ain’t gonna happen. He’s going away for a long time. Hopefully.”

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