Vance Worley loves a good cheesesteak, just not one from Geno’s

Vance Worley likes to win, drive cool cars and eat. The big right-hander, like many of his peers, recently checked out Philly’s most famous sandwich.

“I had to try some cheesesteaks,” Worley said. “I went to both Pat’s and Geno’s.”

Neither shop recognized Worley or offers his favorite, the chicken cheesesteak.

“I guess they don’t have to make a chicken cheesesteak since they sell so many regular cheesesteaks there.”

So is it Pat’s or Geno’s for The Vanimal?

“Geno’s is the more flashy one, but they’re rude,” he said. “I did not like that at all. I will not go back there. If you don’t order it right, you go to the back of the line. You have to say ‘wiz with’ or ‘wiz without.’

It’s no surprise that the laid-back, polite Sacramento native would feel that way. However, Worley did enjoy a cheesesteak place near the ballpark.

“It’s right off [Interstate] 76 and it’s really good. They’re next to a tire place,” said Worley, referring to Talk of the Town located on 3020 South Broad Street. “They’re the only ones that recognized me.

They asked me to take a picture, so they could put it on the wall. I didn’t say no, but I didn’t get anything for free. But I really liked the chicken cheesesteak they have there.

“I also like Delco’s cheesesteak. I’ve had them in Dunedin [Florida]. I know they have one here [in Chadds Ford]. They have a very good chicken cheesesteak.”

In terms of restaurants, Worley hasn’t had time to sample much more local fare.

“By the time we get out from our games, it’s too late for me to go to most restaurants,” he said. “I would love to go to a good Italian restaurant. I like Chinese restaurants, but they’re hit or miss in most cities — unlike California, where there are so many good ones. As time goes by, I’ll know where more where things are here. I’ll figure it out since I like to eat.”

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