Vegas: Giants, Eagles among shock teams in NFL

The New York Giants, in the midst of a horrible season, were the most underwhelming team in the NFL in a myriad of different categories. They also managed to be the team that was most off in the league according to projected win totals calculated during the preseason.

No team in the NFL underperformed more when it came to projected win totals than the Giants, their 2-13 season limping to a conclusion this Sunday. Fresh off last year’s 11-5 mark and a playoff appearance, the Giants seemed poised to return to the playoffs given their roster. But what seemed likely and what in fact actually happened are two very different things.

According to Bovada.LV, the OVER/UNDER number for the Giants win total this year was nine wins. This seven-win differential is the largest in the league according to numbers provided by Bovada. The Giants are followed by the Indianapolis Colts whose win differential number is 6 wins, the second largest gap in the league.

This makes the pathetic Giants the most underperforming team in the league according to Bovada. In fact, the entire sports world co-signs this.

There may not be a bigger letdown in sports in 2017 then these Giants.

Staying in the NFC East, the Philadelphia Eagles overperformed their Bovada projections by 5 wins, second-best in the NFL behind only the Los Angeles Rams (who overperformed by 5 ½ wins).

The Rams OVER/UNDER number for wins was 5 ½. The Eagles win total was 8 wins according to Bovada.

The Eagles clinched a first-round bye and currently sit at 13-2. 

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