Vick cleared to play, but realizes he’s on ‘thin ice’

Kevin Kolb was looking stylish and confident yesterday when he arrived at Eagles training camp. But, even as the new face of the franchise answered questions, the eye of the storm centered on Michael Vick.

Earlier in the day, news broke that the backup quarterback had been cleared to play by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. The league had been investigating his role in a shooting following his 30th birthday party.

Vick said he never cried more in a 24-hour time than in the days after the incident. He spoke with Goodell for about 15-20 minutes last week, and the two will talk further when Goodell visits Eagles camp on Aug. 3.

“I know I’m on thin ice. I know this is it for me,” Vick said yesterday. “Just the smallest thing could get me kicked out of this league or banned forever.”

Vick said one of the first — and hardest — phone calls he made was to Eagles coach Andy Reid.

“It wasn’t a pleasant conversation [with Reid],” Vick said. “I knew I should have never put myself in that situation.”

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