Vick Nation alive and well in Atlanta

Playoff atmosphere.

That’s how several Falcons fans described the scene outside the Georgia Dome, where No. 7 jerseys were the required attire.

Whether it was Falcons red or Eagles green, Mike Vick is still somewhat of a hero in Atlanta. Jason Moody was born and raised a Falcons fan, but he’ll always cheer for Vick. He listens to Philadelphia sports talk radio to keep tabs on the player he called the “ultimate weapon.”

“Mike Vick is a hero down here, but for more than just his play on the football field,” Moody, 40, said. “When he was here, every home game was like a party. People could relate to Vick, he was an African-American quarterback … very young, very hip guy.”

Moody’s father, Jason Sr., said he didn’t care about the illegal dogfighting.

“I own dogs and I don’t care about that,” the 63-year-old said. metro/mg

BJ Moody was celebrating her 60th birthday.

“I came to celebrate with Mike Vick,” she said.

Rev. Diane White was decked out in a red No. 7 jersey. She has a half-Eagles, half-Falcons jersey being made, but it wasn’t ready for last night’s homecoming.

“We love him, and I’m not basing it on color,” White said. “He’ll always be my quarterback.”

White, a member of the Falcon Fanatics fan club, said she wrote to Vick to offer the quarterback encouragement when he was in trouble. Vick wrote back and thanked her for the support.

“Everybody is entitled to one mistake,” White said. “Once he was blind and now he can see.”

“What God have for you, it is for you,” added BJ Moody.

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