Vick told not to travel, a no-show at camp

PHILADELPHIA. The probation officer for Michael Vick told the Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback he couldn’t take trips to a summer football camp in North Carolina or a charity golf tournament in Georgia that bears his name, according to his spokeswoman.

He was barred from leaving Pennsylvania for the two events, the local NBC affiliate first reported yesterday morning. Vick’s spokeswoman later confirmed that he wasn’t allowed to attend either event, which reportedly greatly disappointed those at the football camp.

“They called early, like 2 o’clock in the morning, telling us he’s not coming,” Cornelius Corprew, of Camp Elite Sports’ two-day football camp, told The Associated Press yesterday, adding that players paid $175 each for the camp with the expectation they would have photo opportunities with Vick.

“There’s been other instances where they said there’s a restriction against going to certain events,” Vick’s spokeswoman said.

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