Video: Awkward guy doing man-on-the-street interviews about the weather

With this past week’s snowstorm and the recent wave of frigid temperatures, City Paper felt that it was their journalistic duty to tell you exactly how cold it is. (Because how else would you know?)

To do this, they decided to interview regular citizens of the city to get their weather-related thoughts. But to spice things up, they took a crack at making their own “man on the street” video. Unfortunately, they sent their self-appointed “pro wrestling editor” Bryan Bierman to do the story. He’s very nice and means well, but he was a little nervous. Actually, astonishingly nervous is more accurate. Watch as he awkwardly stumbles his way through downtown Philly to ask folks (and dogs) for their opinions on the elements. He also asks people about his hat, for some reason.
Will his dreams of being the next Steve Keeley come true? Only time will tell. Follow Awkward Guy‘sdevelopment onCitypaper.

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