VIDEO: Local family trades plants for pet dog on Craigslist

In the wake of the economic recession, bartering has become increasingly popular. One local business has taken the trend to a new level, using Craigslist to trade greenery for a new dog, according to a video posted on YouTube last week.

“Craigslist is one of the most effective ways to get anything you want by bartering and that’s what we do – we like to barter here at Highland Hill Farm,” says the narrator over a clip of the dog, Sweep, chasing a ball. “And this dog, he was a Craigslist barter. And we will barter trees and shrubs that we grow for all kinds of items.”

According to the video, purported to a creation of Highland Hill Farm in Fountainville, Pa., the business exchanges trees and shrubs for plumbing fixtures, tires, building materials and hunting and fishing gear, among other items.

“Don’t hesitate to call us at 215-651-8329 to barter,” the video concludes. “Because Sweep taught us a lesson.”

The lesson being, apparently, that everyone has their price – and for some, it can be paid in plants.

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