VIDEO: Man slaps cop on South Street during Oktoberfest, hell breaks loose

A video uploaded to LiveLeak and YouTube yesterday shows a man on South Street slapping a police officer across the face. Predictably, it doesn’t end well for him.

“This idiot and his crew decided to spend South Street’s Oktoberfest
event spitting at passerby, throwing beer at people, insitgating [sic]
fights and general[l]y doing their best to ruin everyones day,” the user who uploaded the one minute, 24-second film on LiveLeak yesterday wrote. “[P]lay
time was over when the idiot decided to slap a cop.”

In the video apparently shot on Sept. 29, which currently has over 93,000 views on LiveLeak and about 25,000 views on YouTube, the man can be seen yelling at the officer and several bouncers as a woman attempts to hold him back. The officer puts his hands on the man’s chest in an attempt to restrain him, but the man continues to advance, gesturing wildly.

The woman, attempting to insert herself between the man and the officer, yells for the man to stop, but he slaps the cop across the side of the face. “Yo, f–k him up!” one of the onlookers can be heard yelling in the background.

The officer returns the slap, raising the man one higher with a baton strike. The swift hit prompts a flurry of action as the officer and some of the bouncers wrestle the man into the street, with the officer continuing to use his baton. Several onlookers clap in response to the takedown.

As the man lays on the ground holding his face, blood pooling underneath, the woman breaks through the people encircling him and falls to the ground, attempting to lift him up and cradling his upper body. He continues to hold his face, but appears to be conscious as the video ends.

Internal Affairs is reportedly aware of the video and is investigating the officer’s use of force.

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