Video of the I-95 collision that nearly cost a state trooper his legs

Last Thursday, former Philadelphia police officer Matthew Sharkey pleaded guilty to aggravated assault, DUI and reckless endangerment in connection with a Feb. 2010 crash on I-95.

The collision nearly cost state Trooper Matthew Sheeran, who was at the site of an abadoned vehicle being towed, his legs. It injured a PPA tow-truck driver who was on the scene as well.
Sharkey faces anywhere from six months to 20 years at his Nov. 17 sentencing.

At Thursday’s hearing, the prosecution showed this video of the crash with Sheeran looking on with his fiancee and fellow troopers. Be forewarned: If you hit play, you will see what he went through in the initial moments after Sharkey plowed into a cruiser, thus pinning the trooper between it and a disabled vehicle.

Sheeran is walking now, and working his way back to full active duty. He’ll be married later this month.

It’s nothing short of miraculous.

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