VIDEO: Sparks fly in Fern Rock pharmacy burglary

Philadelphia Police Department/ Provided

Surveillance video released by the Philadelphia Police Department shows sparks flying across a Fern Rock pharmacy as burglars try to break into a safe.

The break-in happened early Monday morning at the Broad and Grange Pharmacy on the 5700 block of North Grange Street.

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Police saidthree suspects pulled up in a Jeep Cherokee SRT8. Two of them use crowbars and power saws to break inside. The third acted as a lookout.

The suspects cut an alarm inside, and grab prescription narcotics, police said. They appeared to target specific storage lockers that had what they wanted.

Also inside, video captured images of the men using some sort of power tool —likely an angle grinder to get access to the safe. It does not appear they were successful, but the attempt sent sparks across the office and onto a nearby desk.

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During the break-in, police believe the men stayed in contact with the look-out via walkie-talkie, who appears to alert the men to leave the building.

The suspects wore hooded sweatshirts and masks, so their descriptions are vague. But police said that the tools the men used were new —still in the box when they pulled up to the pharmacy. They are hoping someone remembers selling them or that someone recognizes the car.

Anyone with information is asked to call Northwest Detectives at215-686-3353.

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