VIDEO Untermeyer: City Council at-large Candidate Takes Aim at … City Council

Republican City Council at-large candidate Michael Untermeyer created a new campaign video called “Sleeping City Council.”

The short takes aim at City Council for failing to pay attention while city wage taxes rise, lobbyists are allowed to operate unchecked and violent schools fail.

Drawing particular ire is a scene towards the end of the video in which an actor vaguely resembling Mayor Michael Nutter chats up a hot blond woman at a bar.

The incident parodies a dinner Nutter reportedly had in early August with an attractive 2007 campaign adviser who he later appointed to the Pennsylvania Convention Center board. Gossip columnists similarly reported that he shared drinks with a “hot blond” in 2010.

Nutter’s staffers denounced the rumors as just that, with racist implications nonetheless.

Something about the video makes us a little uncomfortable, as well, but we’re chalking it up to comedic shortcomings rather than racial malice. For now.

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