VIDEO: Watch a Philly cop rescue a kitten

How does this work?If the cat is stuckin a tree, it’s the fire department’s job. When the cat is stuck under the hood of a Cadillac, call the PPD?

It’s probably something like that.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure: Here’s a video of an as-yet unidentified Philadelphia police officer rescuing a cat.

The owner of the car, who is also unidentified, apparently drove the car with the cat stuck under the hood.

“People thought I was playing when I said I said I had a kitten in this thing right here,” the narrator can be heard saying.

The cat was apparently stuck under a piece of plastic that had to be moved back for the officer to get access to the cat.

“Miraculously, this bad boy ain’t even hurt,” the car’s owner says after the officer removes him.

“His new name is Caddy,” he said.

A Philadelphia police spokeswoman said the video appears new, but they don’t know who the officer is. The man who posted the video to YouTube did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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