VIDEO: What the eff is a yoga rave?

Yoga is a physical-mental-spiritual discipline that originated in India (for most in America, it’s practiced as a form of exercise that increases flexibility and muscle strength and decreases stress).

A rave is a party featuring electronic music and light shows that originated in London (for most in America, it’s practiced as a form of partying that often includes Ecstasy and glow sticks).

What happens when you combine the two? According to Yoga, “a party like none other in the world.” Sans what most people would consider “partying,” in the conventional sense.

The Yoga Rave Project, a seven-city tour that reaches Philly March 30, “will bring the spiritual element back to celebration” and offer a place for people to get together and relieve tension, drug and alcohol-free. “Our vision is to create a movement that will support all people to come together in deeper connection and celebration, without the fallout,” the site reads.

The point is to find a source of joy, enthusiasm and connectivity from within instead of looking for external sources of stimulation (like the aforementioned Ecstasy, or even that after-work nightcap).

The four-hour party begins with some yoga to warm up the body, then moves into guided meditation, electronic-mantra fusion music from the So What! Project with dancing, then more meditation. Sponsored by Dhyana Yoga, there is also an alcohol-free bar and gourmet vegetarian food from vendors including Kind Snacks, Govinda’s Vegetarian and Blackbird Pizza.

The Yoga Rave Project was dreamtup by the world’s largest volunteer-run NGO, the Art of Living Foundation, to raise money to teach stress reduction techniques to youth and prisoners.

It will be held locally March 30 from 7:30 p.m. to midnight at 2424 Studiosin Fishtown.

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