Villanova star deletes Twitter account with offensive tweets

Villanova guard Donte DiVincenzo, 21, made history with a record-breaking 31 points scored against Michigan on Monday night, leading the Wildcats to victory, 79-62, in the NCAA championships.

But within hours of the victory, 6-year-old tweets from DiVincenzo’s Twitter account emerged that included racial slurs and crude sexual language.

One tweet from 2011 quoting a Meek Mill song states, “Ballin on these n—-s like I’m derrick rose!”

DiVincenzo was 14 at the time. Others from 2011 include crude remarks about gay people. The account was not active after 2016. 

The star Wildcat was questioned by media after the game about his tweets and acknowledged having the account, but denied posting the tweets in question.

“It’s my account, yes. … But I never remember doing that,” DiVincenzo said, according to USA Today. Asked who might have posted the tweets, he said, “That’s a good question.’’

The tweets in question were deleted before his entire account was deleted.

Villanova at first posted a statement claiming DiVincenzo’s Twitter account had been hacked that night, which they quickly retracted.

“Unfortunately a Twitter account belonging to Donte DiVincenzo was hacked tonight,” Villanova said on Twitter. “None of the statements attributed to Donte are his — he has not used the account for months. The account has been deactivated. Please disregard any of these false tweets.”

That tweet was later deleted and the team hasn’t posted further messages on the subject.

DiVincenzo has not released any further statements about the content of his Twitter account.

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