Voters flock to polls early in Philly

Sam Newhouse

About 50 people were already lined up outside a polling place in North Philly near West Girard Avenue when the polls opened at 7 a.m., eliciting a cheer from the crowd.

Over the first hour of polling the line got longer and longer, eventually numbering about 75 and wrapping around the block.

DillonZeiler, 27, was one of the first people to cast a vote for Hillary Clinton for president just after the polling placed opened.

“I am gay and I have a sister-in-law fromSaudiaArabia, so it’s a little scary to imagine Donald Trump as president,” he said.

Zeileradded that he was excited to vote for Clinton, whom he has admired for years.

“She’s pragmatic. That’s her strength,” he said. “She’s not Obama, she’s not cool, but she’s smart, capable and a problem solver.”

Another voter at the same polling place said she was a former Republican who voted for Clinton.

“I am Republican, but I switched parties, because I’m scared to death of Donald Trump,” said a 59-year-old woman who asked not to be identified, but voted for Hillary Clinton. “I’m not against the Republican Party. Just Donald Trump.”

She also said she was concerned with how the losing side will react to the results of Election Day.

“I’m concerned with what will happen after the election, because the country is very divided right now,” she said, adding that she was exhausted by campaign season. “I can’t wait for it to be over. It’s been getting very nasty … and it’s a huge waste of money.”

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