Was 32nd Ward leader’s election rigged?


Twenty-six 32nd Ward committee people signed a letter to Congressman Bob Brady complaining that ward leader Gary Williams was wrongfully placed in office and actually lost the ward leader election to retired judge Jimmie Moore.

“It’s a grave injustice,” said ward chair Lisa Starks, who said two counts of the ballots indicated Moore was the winner after the election in June.
But Williams appealed to the Democratic City Committee and won.
Starks said that Williams has refused to provide committee people with funds to pay staff to hand out pamphlets before next week’s election. She also said in the past he has not been responsive to community needs voiced by the committee people.
“We voted for who we voted for and we elected who we elected,” Starks said. “We have no idea why Williams won.”
Brady, chair of the Democratic City Committee, did not respond to a request for comment.
However, another committee person of the 32nd Ward disputed Starks’ story — stating that Williams did win the original election and that Williams has provided funds for campaign efforts.
“There was only one vote,” which Williams won, said the committee person, who asked not to be identified.
Asked about Moore’s claims, the person said that another vote should be held to resolve the dispute.

“Everybody as a committee person needs to come together to do another vote,” they said.

Read the letter the dissenting committee people wrote below.

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