WATCH: Enjoy these old videos of Philadelphia from back in the day

For those who call Philadelphia their home have many reasons for loving their city. Whether it’s the blue-collar mentality the city has, or the strong love/hate relationship Philly has toward the local sports teams, there are plenty of reasons why people love Philly.

If you’re into old footage, hop in that time machine and check out these videos of Philadelphia from back in the day. These clips, feature some of the sights and sounds of Philadelphia that will take you back.

Philadelphia, a place to live , 1941

Philadelphia, 1950s, 1960s

Footage of Philly from the 1970s

People of Kensington from the 1980s

A Memorial Day block party in the 1980s

1980s Phillies World Series victory parade

NBC coverage of the 1983 Philadelphia 76ers victory parade

Aerial footage of Philadelphia

Aerial footage of beautiful Philadelphia This clip appears to be somewhat current and has is set to calming background music to ease you through the day.

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