WATCH: Fight breaks out at Center City Sips

Viral video of a ruckus brawl at a Center City Sips event on Wednesday night is lighting up local social media.

But, police said Thursday morning that while they are aware of the video, there were no arrests related to the incident, and no one has been charged with any crime.

Another attendee filmed the incident from a different angle, here:

Video of the brawl at the Comcast Center in Center City is making the rounds on social media, with most commenting on the obvious ineptitude of these fighters’ combative prowess, while others seem to relish in seeing the trendy Sips events crumble into a sloppy wresting match. has compiled a list of reactions to the video here

A police representative contacted Thursday said that there was no call on this incident that they were aware of, so law enforcement officials don’t know the exact time the incident broke out and, as far as police know, there were no reported injuries.  


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