WATCH: Joel Embiid films first commercial, a spot for Jolly Rancher

Joel Embiid has arrived.

No, he’s not back from his most recent injury, a slightly torn meniscus in his knee.

And no, he has not won the Rookie of the Year Award (despite his incredible play for 31 games, his teammate Dario Saric is the leader for the award).

But he has an ad campaign.

Embiid is now a proud spokesman for Jolly Rancher — a sweet candy reflective of Embiid’s youthful and outgoing energy.

It’s a well-known fact that Embiid’s favorite beverage is the sugary Shirley Temple, and his choice to endorse a candy brand seems fitting for the bright and rising NBA star.

The campaign is called “keep on sucking,” and Embiid talks about his incessant rookie season — which lasted three years as he rehabbed from two foot surgeries.

“When you’re still a rookie after you’ve been in the league for three years, you have to trust the process and just embrace it,” Embiid said of the ad campaign. “It is great working with Jolly Rancher — and poking fun at my long-lasting rookie status. This new commercial is a fun reminder that sometimes you’ve just got to laugh at yourself and embrace the stuff that sucks.”

The commercial is the first ever to feature the 23-year-old.

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