‘We can’t change the circumstances right now, but we can certainly try to help”

Top Choice Home Care's staff at a bingo event in 2019.

For many, life right now is different, and for businesses and organizations that usually rely on face-to-face contact, times are quite significantly contrasting.

Take Top Choice Home Care, a premier health care agency in the state that typically offers an array of non-medical personal care services to senior citizens and disabled persons, all provided by a trained group of caregivers. Normally, Top Choice’s day-to-day services rely on personal contact, and for their employees and clients, that contact is typically something they look forward to daily.

Top Choice has had to alter how they service their clients, but with over seven years of experience, the main priority of the organization is still providing quality service, even through times of uncertainty.

“The goal is to make sure they’re good mentally,” says Samera Butler, President of Top Choice Home Care. “Especially during this time. We are still doing our virtual bingos to keep people in good spirits and to make sure that our caregivers and clients still have activities in their homes. We’re also continuing our food program to make sure they’re getting the food they need. Our whole goal in providing home care is to be compassionate in what we do and just to help out the community because the community is what built us.”

Keeping the mental spirits of their clients up is a top priority for the home care agency, but also the food delivery service is vital to many. During these times, everyone is susceptible to the virus, and making the usual trip to the grocery store or just to a convenience store for essentials like soap, paper towels and toilet paper may hold a lot more at stake for individuals.

“We still continue to ask, what is it that you need? Groceries, or maybe any supplies? Anything that we can do to help them,” says Butler. “We’re doing everything virtually and with the food program, we don’t make any contact. We just drop it off in front of their homes and then call them to let them know that their box is outside. We tell them to sanitize what they receive because we still want to take the proper precautions.”

Still maintaining their services has also helped Top Choice employ workers. In fact, they are even hiring at the moment (though all interviews will be held virtually.)

Servicing Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware and other counties, Top Choice Home Care is still encouraging their clients to socialize—just at a safe and virtual distance. They are doing this by hosting online bingo where players have the chance to win gift cards or take-out orders from their favorite restaurants and by even hosting talent shows where participants can showcase a talent and have the spotlight on them for that period of time, allowing them to forget about the outside world—even if just for a few minutes.

“They just love it,” says Butler. “We know we all have to stay at home, but why not stay at home and have as much fun as you normally would if everything was normal? We can’t change the circumstances right now, but we can certainly try to help.”

Top Choice Home Care’s funds come solely from their pockets, but as of now, they are accepting donations to help continue their services during this precarious time. Anyone interested is asked to email topchoicehomecare@gmail.com or call 215-792-6884 for more information.

For more information, visit topchoicehomecare.com

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