Weckerly’s crams every Halloween treat into a special ice cream sandwich

Kristina Beese

What’s better than a bag full of chocolatey Halloween candy? An ice cream sandwich inspired by one, that’s what. The staff at Weckerly’s Ice Cream have scared up a special edition ice cream sandwich called Veil of Shadows just in time for spooking season that pulls together elements from all of your favorite fun-sized candy bars.

It features caramel ice cream and marshmallow fluff placed between two pieces of dark chocolate filled with pretzel bits, crisped rice and peanuts. Wrapped in festive foil paper, it would make a great treat for your favorite trick-or-treaters. They’ll need to eaten right away though, especially if Halloween is as warm as last week was.

To make Veil of Shadows even more festive, 36 of the sandwiches contain “black void” marshmallows. Each will have a Willy Wonka-like note of authenticity inside the wrapper prompting the lucky treater to post a photo of it on Instagram with the hashtag #Weckerlys. This will grant them a free scoop or sandwich when Weckerly’s opens its brick-and-mortar shop on Girard Avenue.

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