What to buy: fun things in the Pope store

Dan Kelley

Like any visiting rock star, Pope Francis is coming with a merch table.

Ahead of the World Meeting of Families, officials have opened an online store full of officialmerchandise. There are more than 200 items in the store — produced by official vendor Aramark. There are t-shirts, along with an assortment of rosaries. Then there are some items that are a little more unusual.

The Official Bobblehead Pope: You can’t get this for free just by watching a ball game. It’ll set you back $25. Royal Bobbles, the company that makes these for Aramark, has also produced bobbleheads of Weird Al Yankovich, Bigfoot, Herbert Hoover, Rosie the Riveter, Mark Twain and the Founding Fathers.

Plush Pope Doll:This 10-inch doll lets you bring home one of the cuddliest, influential leaders on earth. Bonus: It conforms to safety standards “that may not be recognized readily by the public and that may be encountered in the normal use for which a toy is intended or after reasonably foreseeable abuse.” A bargain at $20.

The Navy Thermal Lite Half-Zip Pullover: This model’s expression says, “Do not make a Zoolander face while posing for the Pope’s store.”

“Can” coozies: We know what they are really for. They keep any beverage served in a 12-ounce aluminum can cold. Like soda, right?

Life-sized Pope cutout: Standing at 69-inches tall (that’s 5-feet, 9-inches for those that are bad at math) this life-sized photo of Pope Francis will cost you about $160. There’s a smaller, 10-inch version for $20.

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