What winning the Super Bowl means to Eagles fans

What does winning the Super Bowl mean for Eagles fans?

Leading up to the 2018 Super Bowl, most doubted that the Philadelphia Eagles could defeat the New England Patriots. But in one of the most memorable Super Bowl games in history, the underdog beat the dynasty-holding top dog, sending reverberations of hope, joy and celebration throughout the city of Philadelphia and beyond.

But what does this win mean for true, die-hard Eagles fans, who’ve waited over 50 years for their first Super Bowl win? We chatted with a few of them about where they were, how they celebrated and how it feels to be Super Bowl champions.

Cole Fitzgerald
Age: 13
Hometown: New Jersey
Occupation: Student

What does winning the Super Bowl mean to you as a lifelong Eagles fan?
As I lifelong fan, winning the Super Bowl means everything to me.  My dad and I have watched games on TV and have been lucky enough to attend a few games in person and there is nothing that comes close to being champions of the world!  My whole family has been fans their whole lives. 

Where were you when the Eagles won the Super Bowl?
I celebrated with the Eagles in Minnesota at the Super Bowl! An awesome Minnesota Vikings fan won tickets from a raffle for a charity called Spare Key and he gifted the two tickets to me so me and my dad could go.  We had an incredible weekend seeing a Minnesota Wild game and a Timberwolves game, too! The people of Minnesota are so wonderful and generous.  After the Eagles won, I was facetiming with my mom, two sisters and grandmother back home in New Jersey and we were all crying!  Experiencing this with my dad is something I will never forget.  If you are a real Eagles fan, you understand why we were all crying.

Kate Marlys
Age: 38
Home: South Philly
Occupation: Owner of Philly PR Girl

What does winning the super bowl mean to you as a lifelong Eagles fan?
Even as of today, it still has not sunk in yet (and probably won’t until I see the team pass me with the trophy on Broad St.). I, like many people in Philadelphia, have been waiting for this my whole life. Growing up in the area, I had no choice but to bleed green. But what I love most about winning this year is the way we did it. We were true underdogs. No one believed in us, and we were out to prove everyone wrong. I love the chemistry this team has! Not only did this team deserve it,  the city deserves this win. I’m so unbelievably happy for the city.

Where were you when the Eagles won the Super Bowl?
At my house in South Philly. I hosted around 20 people.  I thought If we won I would be jumping up-and-down like I did the whole game, but I got really quiet and just stared at the screen. I think I was in shock!

Joseph Schultice
Age: 51
Home: Old City
Occupation: Old City Restaurant Proprietor

What does winning the Super Bowl mean to you as a lifelong Eagles fan?
I’ve been a lifelong Eagles fan — followed them growing up up to this day. Being born and raised in Kensington, it’s the best feeling in the world. It still hasn’t sunken in. What a way to make our city proud.

Where were you when the Eagles won the Super Bowl?
While we had a huge party at Nick’s, me and my wife Nicole got married one year ago in Mexico and booked our tickets to celebrate our one year anniversary there months ago. So despite being away from home, being half way around the world couldn’t keep us from the TV to cheer on the birds! We left full-sized cardboard cutouts of ourselves as a joke for the locals and neighbors that came in to show we were there in spirit. Seeing the Eagles win the Super Bowl isn’t something we thought we’d see this year, but we couldn’t be more excited.

RoseRita DePiano
Age: 51
Home: Queen Village
Occupation: Owner of A Star is Born

What does winning the Super Bowl mean to you as a lifelong Eagles fan?
I’m a die hard sports fan. Football being my favorite. I’m a lifelong Philadelphian and love, love the Eagles so this is the world to me. To see this unbelievable team with their first Super Bowl is a lifelong dream!
Where were you when the Eagles won the Super Bowl?
I started my celebration early on church at St. Paul’s on 9th and Christian where father prayed for the team and sung the fight song as we exited mass. Next stop, Chick’s on Washington Avenue to celebrate with my local friends and then off to New Jersey to the Village Pub to celebrate and watch the game with family. I knew we would win so it was a day long celebration. I was at my sister’s in-laws’ house when the Eagles won with 50 family and friends and we went crazy. Of course, I ended the night on Broad Street!

Billy Mann
Age: 49
Home: Connecticut
Occupation: CEO, Manncom Creative Partners

What does winning the Super Bowl mean to you as a lifelong Eagles fan?
Redemption. I remember being a kid and watching Jim Plunkett, who like Foles was the backup quarterback, lead the Raiders to crush the Birds in Super Bowl XV. Seeing Foles lead us to victory was the Eagles’ redemption and probably healed a lot of broken Philly hearts. Also, my 10-year-old daughter, Lulu, has become a die-hard Eagle and though we live in the heart of Pats country (Connecticut), this morning she wore her jersey to school proudly, prepared for whatever comes her way.  More than the high fives and whiskey shots, seeing her become a devoted fan this season was the best!

Where were you when the Eagles won the Super Bowl?
We hosted about 20 people at our house—Eagles fans, of course.  I got 46 texts within a minute of the win, poured myself a rare whiskey, FaceTimed some friends, and smoked an amazing Davidoff cigar I had set aside for such a victory.

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