What’s in a name? Philadelphia Soul’s Newton

Cam Newton is the one that everyone knows now. But there was another Newton making history in the SEC not too long ago.

Syvelle Newton, a wide receiver/defensive back for the Soul, was the first African-American to start at quarterback for coach Steve Spurrier at the University of South Carolina.

“Coach Spurrier was a great coach, he taught me a lot about the game, especially from a quarterback perspective,” Newton said. “He helped me out a lot, as far as my fundamentals. I feel if I had four years under him as a quarterback, I probably would’ve been a great quarterback also.”

Newton played five positions at South Carolina. Along the way, he became one of four players in college football history to accumulate 600 yards rushing, passing and receiving in his career. It’s this kind of flexibility that allows him to be a valuable asset to the Soul.

“Just being able to know where the quarterback is looking, and know his options on the field, it helps me as a receiver, just knowing the blocking schemes and where the guys are coming on those short slips that Coach Ho [Mike Hohensee] likes to throw me,” Newton said.

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