When does 2017 NFL schedule come out (NFL schedule release date)?

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The 2017 NFL schedule is in the works. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the schedule will be released for all 32 NFL teams sometime between April 17 and 21 — but no one knows for sure yet.

Why? Well, even though everyone has known their 2017 opponents, both home and away, since the end of the 2016 regular season, the upcoming slate of games is quite a complicated endeavor to piece together.

Schedule requests have come in from the Eagles, Dolphins, Bengals, Raiders, Lions and other teams and some of them are tough to figure out.

The Eagles, for example, are urging the team of four NFL schedule-makersto keep the team in Los Angeles for back-to-back weeks, as they are playing both the Rams and Chargers in L.A. next season.

The Bengals haven’t had a Week 1 home opener since 2009 and are asking for one, as are the Dolphins who haven’t had one since 2014.

And then there is London. A bye week after a trip back from Europe should be standard procedure — but sometimes it’s tough to do. It’s also a possibility that the Dolphins might have to travel all the way out west after playing in England.

Don’t forget, also, the 256 game schedule has to deal with Thursday night games, concerts in 31 NFL stadiums and other complications.

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