When will Carson Wentz be back, return? 2018 opener doubtful

Eagles fans better get used to seeing Nick Foles under center.

After Carson Wentz’ ACL-tearing hit against the Rams Sunday — a record-setting and NFC East clinching victory for the MVP front-runner — the news isn’t really great for a speedy return.

“Based on the video it appears this is non contact injury,” knee specialist Dr. Armin Tehrany, founder of Manhattan Orthopedic Care said. “Because it was non-contact, there’s a chance at nine months he could be cleared but it all depends on how the surgery goes and how his rehab goes and how well he heals. Some people heal faster than others do.”

Wentz appeared to be able to walk on the knee following the 43-35 win, but based on reports that trainers heard his ACL “rattling around” after the game — and saw the tear in an MRI — Wentz will be going under the knife sometime within the week. 

Nine months from the surgery date will put the Eagles in mid-September before Wentz is cleared to return. And then he has to get himself into football playing shape. It’s an uphill battle.

Is there any chance he can make it back in time for mini camp in April, or training camp in July?

“There is a chance and there are NFL payers who do go back earlier but there is more risk. We are just going to have to all way and see how the surgery goes and how his rehab goes.”

Many are also questioning whether Wentz and his versatile, agile and risk-taking self will be the same after surgery. The answer, according to Tehrany, is yes. There is no physical reason that after a successful procedure that Wentz won’t be able to play with the same dynamic playmaking quickness that characterized his incredible 2017 season. No reason other than his own mental toughness.

“We not only have to make sure that our players have a strong stable knee,” the doctor said, “but we have to make sure as a team of physicians, surgeons and trainers to get him back to the same level of confidence and that’s psychological. It’s difficult to predict. Considering who he is, the chances are he will feel very confident when he’s ready.”

Even though he won’t be putting any weight on his left knee for nearly a year, there is a lot Wentz can do to potentially speed up his timetable for a return.

“It’s important for him to try and get back to as close to a normal lifestyle as he can, a normal routine,” Tehrany said. “It’s important for him to keep himself healthy, eat right and exercise properly, prayer is excellent if that’s what he chooses and definitely having a positive attitude.”

For anyone who knows Wentz, none of those will be an issue at all.

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