When will Carson Wentz return? And three other burning questions

Carson Wentz has a torn ACL. That we know. He will probably get surgery and the rehab. But information is scarse. The Eagles are chasing a Super Bowl — at 11-2 — and have a first round bye within reach. But fans are looking past this season already and into the future. Will that future contain a healthy Carson Wentz?

When will he return?

According to most medical sources, recovery from a torn ACL can take anywhere from two to nine months. Assuming he has surgery — and it would happen soon — recovery from that procedure typically takes six months from going under the knife. That puts the worst case scenario at Wentz resuming athletic activities in August, during training camp. It is possible that he needs a few weeks during the 2018 regular season to get into playing shape. Though anyone who knows Wentz, and saw him hang in the game for four plays after hurting his knee (one of which was a fourth down touchdown pass to put Philly back on top against the Rams), he could buck every trend and be ready sooner rather than later.

Will he ever be the same?

Wentz plays recklessly. Which is one of the reasons he’s been so beloved by Eagles fans. He takes hit after hit and asks for more. He steps up into the pocket and releases the ball at the last second time after time. He scrambles, dives, lunges and extends plays and uses his body magnificently. Will he ever have confidence in his left knee again? 

Philly Inquirer columnist Bob Ford laments that it could be a career-altering injury. Lets hope he can bounce back.

Can Nick Foles fill in?

Nick Foles knows what he’s doing. As one of the better back ups in the NFL, with playoff experience and with time leading the Eagles under his belt all hope may not be lost. Eagles head coach Doug Pederson spoke with confidence Monday.

“Nick has played a ton of football,” Pederson said. “I was here when we drafted him, and we drafted him for a reason. Then we went out and got him again this off-season for a reason. You never want it to be under these circumstances, but at the same time same time, my confidence is extremely high in Nick. You saw what he did in that game last night.”

Can the Eagles win the Super Bowl?

The Eagles odds to win it all, and to advance to various degrees of merit haven’t changed as much as you’d think in the wake of Wentz’ injury. According to Sportsline, Philadelphia has a 90.3 percent to earn the No. 1 seed in the NFC (it was 93.9 percent with Wentz). In the playoffs they have almost the same odds to make it to the Super Bowl, at 34.5 percent down from 37.4. Their chances of winning the big game dipped to 15.5 percent from 18.3 percent with Wentz.

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