Where Pope Francis should hang out in Philadelphia

We weigh in on where to take the pope during#PopeinPhilly, also known in the Metro newsroom as “My Date with Pope Francis.”

Dan Kelley, Reporter:

I would take Pope Francis to the Mutter Museum. He’s interested in science. Every time I go, I feel guilty for gawking at the misfortune of others. That seems really Catholic.

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Rachel Vigoda, Entertainment Editor:

We can’t compete with the pizza in Rome, but at least we have our cheesesteaks. I’d take the pope to the PHS Pop Up beer garden in South Philly before it’s gone for the season and then — at the risk of being controversial — go the tourist route and head across the street to Pat’s and Geno’s. Since he’ll likely have an entourage, they can order a few cheesesteaks from each (hey, maybe he’s a provolone over Whiz guy) and compare.

Sam Newhouse, Senior Reporter:

I’d take Pope Francis to the trails along theWissahickon to show him that Philly is more than a big bell and endless rows of Port-a-potties. The serene, historic park is just a few miles outside Center City up Kelly Drive or the Schuylkill River Trail and shows some of the most beautiful geological formations the area has to offer. For a pope with strong environmental interests, a trip to the woods would be a must-see.

Evan Macy,Sports Editor:

If Pope Francis finds himself hungry and up late (or early) he can go for a fresh, doughy, piping hot and authentic Philly soft pretzel right out of the oven at Center City Pretzel (at Washington and Eighth streets). The pretzels are super cheap in this hole in the wall bakery where a line of hipsters at midnight would no doubt be gleeful to share their mustard or cheese sauce with the Holy Father.

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