Where they stand

On changing gun laws and the ‘Florida Loophole’

Democrat Dan Onorato: I totally disagree with Tom on [this] point. The Supreme Court said we have the right to reasonable regulations. As governor, I’d push for reasonable regulations. If he really couldn’t close the loophole — and he can — I’d ask him to stand with me and lobby to close it.

Republican Tom Corbett:
I am not for creating or pursuing any new gun laws. My office … we’re the agency that gets the guns off the streets. It’s the enforcement of existing gun laws that we have to follow through with. My critics are wrong [about the Florida Loophole]. I inherited reciprocity.

On connecting with disaffected voters:

Onorato (D): No doubt it’s out there. They’re mad at Harrisburg and Washington. People should be mad. We have the most expensive Legislature in the U.S. I’d set out to reduce what we spend on the Legislature by 20 percent.
Corbett (R): The next governor will have to make decisions … in the best interest of the people of Pennsylvania. I’m not in this race for me personally. We’re falling behind the pack, and there is a lot of rancor out there.

On a possible amendment to the Constitution regarding hate crimes:

Onorato (D): I’ve already done it as executive of Allegheny County. As governor, I would sign, or push for an amendment. I talk about this in my policy papers.
Corbett (R): I don’t know if an amendment would help us enforce any better. We already have laws on the books. We need to actually enforce them.

On school reform:

Onorato (D): We should reform or fix charters, which are a great option. [We need to] look at the funding, but not pit one school against another. We need to fix our failing schools, hold them accountable.
Corbett (R): Vouchers are a ‘yes’ with me. We need to let the students, teachers and especially the parents know what schools are failing, put a letter grade on them.

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