Who should start for Eagles: Nick Foles or Mark Sanchez?

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Following the Eagles’ 38-27 loss to the Cowboys, quarterback Mark Sanchez said what every Birds fan was thinking:

“I’m better than that,” Sanchez said. “I can only be accountable for myself and I know all the guys feel the same way I do. … it starts with the quarterback. I have to be a lot better.”

Reporters asked Sanchez if he expected to start against the Redskins next week with Nick Foles expected to, perhaps, be healthy enough to play after recovering from a broken collarbone.

“I have no idea,” Sanchez said with a defeated look on his face, “but I need to clean up some mistakes and attack this thing like I do every week. That’s with a positive attitude, learning from the previous week, learning from this game, and being ready to play.”

Though the jury remains out as to whether Foles will be given the medical go-ahead to play, the frustration of two straight losses at home — and loss of control in the NFC East — has several players yearning for the days of Foles.

When asked if he thought Foles would be cleared to play in Week 16 against the Redskins, LeSean McCoy responded: “I don’t know, hopefully he is I’m not sure.”

The key word — hopefully — implies the players are eager to get their big gun back. It is Foles, afterall, who flings the deep ball much better and more frequently than his counterpart, and perhaps more aggressiveness with the passing game could have helped the Birds better run the high-powered offense that starred early in the season.

But McCoy made sure not to throw his back up quarterback under the bus.

“Yeah, we feel good about Mark,” McCoy said. “I don’t think this whole game is Mark’s fault.”

It’s a moot point if Foles is not cleared to play. But the Birds need to win both their remaining games (at Washington and at New York) if they want grab a wild card berth or NFC East title.

Will he be?

“I don’t know anything about that,” Chip Kelly said when asked about Foles’ health late Sunday night.

Stay tuned.

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