Why DeSean Jackson needs the Eagles, and why they need him

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DeSean Jackson’s departure from Philadelphia was the first in a series of roster moves (most masterminded by Chip Kelly) that took the Eagles from NFC champs to a deep rebuild in three long seasons.

The wideoutreturned to Philadelphia for the fifth time since being cut Sunday and later signed by Washington after the 2013 season, and like he did every other time coming out of the visitor’s locker room at Lincoln Financial Field, he torched the Eagles.

“I’ve just been fortunate that I’ve been able to come back and make some big plays against my former team, but regardless of who it is I enjoy doing it,” Jackson told the media just after catching three passes for 112 yards, including an 80-yard touchdown sprint with a little taunting at the end of it.

Jackson’s big play was his 22nd career 60-yard (or more) catch and he’s now the second best big play wideout in NFL history, trailing Jerry Rice by just one bomb in that category.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefterand a few other sources, including (depending on how you interpret his words) the man himself, Jackson could be in play to return to Philly in 2017, when he becomes a free agent.

Jackson spoke about how he did not want to leave, upon being cut, and reportedly had beef with Kelly while the coach was here. Now that one of his former coaches, Doug Pederson, is calling the shots, the coaching situation is ripe for a return.

The speedster could be a perfect fit in Philadelphia. With Carson Wentzkeeping the Eagles receiving corps together with duct tape and balingwire. With youth and inexperience in the wide receivers room, Jackson would be just over 30 and a veteran presence. He’d also be a big help offensively.

His deep threat would spread out the defense, taking the top off and opening the middle of the field for slot receiver Jordan Matthews and tight end Zach Ertz, each sure to be a big part of the team next season.

Is a return to South Philly in the works?

“I don’t know man, shoot,” Jackson said when asked the question in his locker room Sunday. “We’ll see what happens you never know how it’ll play out.”

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