Why did WIP SportsRadio host Josh Innes get fired?


A lot of people dislike now former WIP afternoon host Josh Innes. He’s in your face, speaks his mind and thinks humor is humor, no matter who may be offended.

Routinely taking on the “politically correct” culture while commenting on local sports, Inneswasted no time commenting on events around the city — particularly a recent event involving his chief rival Mike Missanellion 97.5.

The story goes that a producer at the station had been calling the show for a long time pretending to be an African American named “Dwayne from Swedesboro.” He was actually just a white guy, making much of what was said on the air a little racist.

Innes, who was fired Wednesday a few days after this incident became public, tweeted the following:

Innes’ show started strong with Tony Bronoas his cohost, but eventually he fell in the ratings behind 97.5 The Fanatic. He was also briefly suspended for calling Eagles center Jason Kelce a “house negro.”

Was Innesforced out the door due to the ratings? Was it his tweet on Monday?

Knowing Innes, we’ll find out soon.

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