Why trading Sam Bradford is really complicated

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Would you pay $11 million for a draft pick?

That’s the dilemma facing the Eagles with three days until the NFL Draft, if you believe reports from ESPN’s Adam Schefter and others that quarterback Sam Bradford’s agent Tom Condon asked Philadelphia to trade his client Monday.

Earlier Monday, Yahoo’s Charles Robinson reported that Bradford is upset about the trade (one that got the Eagles the No. 2 overall pick and positions them to take Carson Wentz) but is also “prepared to prove to the Eagles that he’s a franchise quarterback.”

The Eagles are locked for half of the $22 million guaranteed to Bradford from his recently inked three-year deal.

The main question for teams like the Jets, Broncos and 49ers, all likely interested in having the services of a veteran mid-level quarterback like Bradford, is what would they be willing to pay? And the main question for the Eagles is if they would be comfortable shelling out $11 million to a player inked to a contract just over one month ago to not play a single snap.

It’s possible that New York, for example, might prefer to take a flyer on a mid-round quarterback prospect like Connor Cook or Christian Hackenberg rather than swap that pick for Bradford. But he is ready-made, and has not had a very good supporting cast as he’s tried to win at the NFL level.

Last season despite coming on strong late in the year posted the third worst total QBR of qualifying quarterbacks (35 of them). In six NFL season’s he’s had just 25 wins as a starter.

There is really no way to know, yet, whether the Eagles will take this trade request seriously. Or whether they will respond to it by listening to offers. Or what would happen if Bradford held out. Or, if it is even a true report. And even if all of these factors were not influential ones, the issue of the money would still remain.

Many have surmised that Condon, who is a respected and in-the-know NFL agent, might already have a trade partner in mind.

Eagles’ front-office head Howie Roseman emphasized his support for Bradford on CSN this afternoon.

“I want to reiterate our support for Sam Bradford and go back to our statements last week – that Sam is our starting quarterback,” Roseman said. “His agent and Sam know how we feel about him. These workouts are voluntary. We look forward to seeing Sam again in the near future.”

Roseman was then asked if there was concern that Bradford will not show up for the mandatory parts of Philly’s offseason program.

“No, I think you talk about Sam and what a pro he is,” Roseman continued. “Him and his agent, we’ve worked well together for a long period of time. He loves to play the game. We look forward to seeing him soon.”

One thing is certain though. Chase Daniel is a happy man today. The Eagles’ presumptive back up (and now possible starter) tweeted this afternoon: “Great first day Phase 2 of the off-season program….offense looked sharp as ever! Still a long way to go, but a great start! #FlyEaglesFly”

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