Wiz Wit and a salad? Just fuggedaboudit!

Either New York Giants and Yankees fans are running Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines, or Philadelphia is the unhealthiest city in the land. Compiling their annual “Best & Worst Cities for Men and Women 2011,” the publications looked at 30 key criteria ranging from cost of living and healthy eating to life expectancy and cancer rates.

Philadelphia ranked 99th best for men and 100th best for women. Make that worst, since the magazines only ranked 100 cities and found we’re the “inhabitant-friendly” polar opposite of Madison, Wis., and Plano, Texas.

This is logical, considering our “wiz wit” reputation. However, the owner of McNally’s Tavern in Chestnut Hill sees things differently when it comes to serving their legendary 800-calorie Schmitter sandwich.

“If you eat a Schmitter every day, of course it’s not good for you. People on diets eat it without the bread, substitute coleslaw for the chips, have one beer instead of four,” Anne McNally said yesterday. “Part of having a good life is mental as well as physical, peace of mind.”

Rich Landau, co-owner of Horizons Modern Vegan Cuisine, wasn’t surprised by the rankings: “Find a chef in this city who can eat at their restaurant every night of the week. If you think we’re paying for it now with the way we look, wait until the health problems set in.”

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