Worley’s World: Vance just wants to watch “The Dark Knight Rises” in peace

It’s not easy keeping it together when going out to catch the new Batman flick.

Tickets aren’t easy to get. Lines are long. Theaters are packed. Fans scramble for the best seats.

Speaking of the latter, Vance Worley was stuck in the front row while catching “The Dark Knight Rises” the other night. But that’s not the least of it since ‘Vanimal’ has to deal with issues that you and I never have to think about.

“When I went to Batman a guy tweeted me inside the theater,” Worley said. “He said, ‘Your hat and glasses’ aren’t a very good disguise. It wasn’t like I was trying to disguise myself. I just went to see the movie. If you see me, you don’t have to call me out.”

But that wasn’t as irritating as Worley’s literal brush with fans in the first row.

“These guys kept making my girlfriend and I get up,” Worley said. “They were doing it on purpose. They were doing it so much to see who I was that I told my girlfriend that they better stop it because my knees are getting tired.”

Can you imagine, the headline: Worley Blows Out Knee At Batman? Not Worley blows out knee because of a guy with a bat in his hand. Crazy stuff.

“I know,” Worley said. “I also didn’t like getting up because people were probably wondering, ‘Who is this big bastard?’”

And then it became Seinfeld-esque for Worley.

“Just before the movie started the guys who kept making me get up were finally sure it was me. When they walked back one of them said, ‘Oh Vance, you don’t have to get up.’ I said, ‘Quit saying my name, you know who I am.”

When Worley buys a home and builds his own theater, he can look back and laugh at his days hanging with the unwashed masses.

“Make no mistake about it, I love the fans,” Worley said. “They’re amazing. But I’m like anybody else when I go to the movies. I just want to watch the movie in peace.”

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