Worst of Craigslist: Monday August 15

Craigslist is like a mirror that reflects the sickest, saddest and most
desperate dregs of humanity. But in the posters’ pleas for massages,
gassy fetish models and loan cosigners (DON’T do it), we can all see
little pieces of ourselves: filthy, lurid scraps of psyche that we would never, ever admit to harboring … can’t we?

Here are some of today’s worsts in what will hopefully become a daily listing:

You had me at “asshole”:

I see marriage in their future. Or at least the best “and how did you meet?” story ever:

And who said romance was dead?

I wonder how much competition there is for the title of “best li’l male stripper”:

This is in no way a scam and will turn out great for all involved:

So he wants to take photos of your feet in exchange for … taking more photos?

Because there are TONS of single-mother-raised 2011-era “Bill Cosby-style families” in North Philly:

Well, at least he’s down for a trade:

And after this, we can play Craigslist killer!

Umm … no comment.

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