Worst of Craigslist: Monday August 22

Tonight we’ve got an awesome Britney impersonator, an “overeducated” woman who will do your thinking for you (and is in no way cocky), a men’s rights group that idolizes Al Bundy and burial plots for sale. Is there a full moon?

Well, she (he?)’s got the hair down …

Isn’t wood generally free, being that it constitutes these things called trees?

Pro: drop 3 sizes in 10 minutes. Con: look like a total douchebag.

Just what everyone wants: a woman to do their thinking for them. Oh wait, don’t most of us have mothers?

“Interesting” is certainly one word to describe it …

So to the male equivalent of feminists, Al Bundy is God?

…and it’s called my garage.

They say everything has a price … but seriously, who would want to spend eternity in Ambler!?

Someone help me understand this: if they are community service HOURS, how can you do them any faster than mandated?

This Eagles visor-Under Armor guy sure gets around.

I love how even the poster knows this is a pyramid scheme and runs out of steam at the end. “It’s worth a look.” Not the most
compelling thought to leave us with.

But does she cook?

No nudity? Newsflash: jewelry does not count as clothing.

I can’t make heads nor tails of this one. Is this guy selling his own stolen watch or someone else’s?

You sure her name is Ma? Or is that just what you and all your friends on the corner call her?

This makes me really, REALLY want to go to the Folk Festival next year.

Didn’t realize couponing is a skill that one must learn.

“Fragrance free?” That’s a new one. At least there’s a mini trampoline.

This sci-fi nerd-speak tone would be so much more effective with proper grammar.

This sounds like a show that would do really well … in Japan.

When I was growing up, my tutor was my mom and the back of her right hand. The next generation is going to grow up to be super geniuses and eat us. Or make multitudes of self-indulgent artistic film shorts.

Oops, guess this one’s taken …

Are the Revolutionary War reenactors included?

It’s completely normal to buy authentic prison garb. Or, you know, trade it for a BB gun.

For everyone who says this blog is mean-spirited, look: I am totally helping!

THIS GUY … you have to admire his persistence. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

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